Leadership Team

Greg McCutchan

Founder & CEO, Creative Leap Technologies

Greg founded Creative Leap Technologies in 2016 to leverage his unique ability to find new and valuable solutions to difficult problems, especially in the big data, supercomputing and IoT spaces.

Before Greg finished his degree, he was offered a systems analyst position at Northern Arizona University. In that first job, Greg brought in new technology including relational databases. He conceived and implemented one of the first Master Data systems way back in the 80s, which immediately solved critical issues by coordinating the movement of students on and off campus across various systems.

Greg went on to have a long and varied career at American Express, always working on worldwide, critical, core technology. He led teams in many disciplines from massive software development, to application and database performance tuning, to highly available, high transaction rate hardware clusters and databases, to engineering highly available data warehouses worldwide. He was recognized by the chairman multiple times for his impact on the company.

When outsourced to IBM, Greg turned the move into a fantastic career by constantly learning new disciplines and becoming an advanced architect in each of the company divisions: services, software and hardware. In each, he worked at an advanced level across the Americas. Some of the applicable highlights of Greg’s IBM career include participating in designing IBM’s big data appliances, even leading one of the projects; consulting on National Instruments Big Analog Data strategy; designing innovative converged systems solutions, including supercomputers; and becoming the chief architect and technical leader for the IBM relationship with Honeywell worldwide.

Greg was recognized at American Express and IBM as an effective leader and brings a wide and deep body of practical knowledge and experience to Creative Leap Technologies.

Greg holds a dual major B.S. in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration.

Recruiting of additional leaders is in process.


Creative Leap Technologies is being advised by the following individuals who have taken an active interest in seeing the company succeed. Their combined, exceptional, practical experience, wisdom and advice is invaluable.

Jon Klassen

VP of IT at Transunion

Jon currently leads an aggressive team of agile software developers; however, he is exceptionally well versed across many Information Technology roles. With over 30 years in the field, he’s done everything from developing code to leading a $1B telecommunications firm as the Chief Information Officer. Jon has a demonstrated ability to get IT done, on time and on budget, and to contribute to top line growth.

His passion is to lead agile software development teams to build technology products that make a difference in the world. Jon’s experience and leadership extends across many industries including: government research labs, aerospace and defense, utilities, industrials, telecommunications and financial services.

Paul Pendle

Independent International Database Consultant

Paul has a long history of being part of product innovation. At EMC, Paul led product integration teams and consulted extensively with vendors and customers alike. Paul was involved in integrating EMC’s enterprise level products. Also, in this role, Paul provided key advice to customers running some of the most active, large and/or highly available databases on the planet. At Rocket Software, Paul headed up R & D, which encompassed product innovation, development and product management. Paul is an accomplished database administrator, architect and engineer who is currently consulting internationally in the defense industry. Paul studied advanced mathematics at London University.

Mark Seaman

Founder and CEO at Shrinking World Solutions

Mark is the founder and CEO of Shrinking World Solutions, a contract software engineering firm based in the Denver area. Shrinking World has built custom solutions for clients, including work with geographically dispersed devices and sensors. Mark spent 25 years at Hewlett-Packard where he worked in R & D as a software engineer, technical lead, and software architect. Mark’s work impacted many projects across a wide swath of HP Products. He helped engineer and deliver to market such diverse products as disc drives, scanners, OCR software, printers, and digital cameras. Mark is the author of 12 U.S. Patents with 44 invention disclosures and 22 patent applications. Mark is truly a passionate proponent of best practices in agile development and automated testing. On the subject, he is the author of the book “The Leverage Principle: A Software Architect’s Guide to Optimizing Development and Operations” with more books planned. Mark holds a B.S in Electrical Engineering.

Stacie Seaman

COO at Shrinking World Solutions

Stacie is the COO of Shrinking World Solutions, a contract software engineering firm based in the Denver area. Stacie’s eclectic career includes 13 years at Banner Health – four years as a staff nurse, one year as an IT clinical analyst, culminating with eight years as IT operations director within the IT Clinical Applications division where she was responsible for some of the most life-critical IT functions. Now, as a COO at Shrinking World, she wears many hats and brings her diverse experience to her roles as co-owner, business manager, marketing and communications director, and project manager. Communications and team dynamics are specific areas of passion. After less than a year of development, Stacie is preparing to launch a website service that utilizes behavioral interviewing techniques – the first general market product from Shrinking World Solutions. Stacie holds a B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Nursing and is also a Registered Nurse.

Bo Varga

Strategic Consultant & Founder, Silicon Valley Nano Ventures

Bo has decades of experience advising high technology companies and startups. His influence spans the globe having advised hundreds of companies and governments around the world. He maintains a global network of trusted connections.

Bo pursues Nanotechnology with a passion, investing and doing business development through his firm Silicon Valley Nano Ventures. Bo does strategic consulting in the same areas as an advisor to NewCap Partners, a private equity bank, headquartered in Los Angeles. In 2001 Bo co-founded nanoSIG, a business networking group that staged 50 symposiums and conferences in Silicon Valley and at the National Academy of Sciences.

Bo has an interest in IoT and has consulted in that field as well, however Bo’s experience is broad having worked with many technology companies since 2000 including biotechnology, clean technology, energy storage, renewable energy, sensors and water purification.

Bo holds a BA and MA in History from the University of Chicago and all but his dissertation for his PhD. Additionally, he holds a MBA from UC Berkeley.

Recruiting of additional advisors is in process.

Board of Directors

Creative Leap Technologies, LLC is planning a corporate transition to prepare for outside investment and will soon take on board members. Stay tuned for updates.


In preparing to welcome Investors we’ve created this space just to make sure they know how much we welcome their partnership. We think there is a market to capture and a good exit to be achieved.