We’re about product innovation. We’re busy thinking about new, surprising ways to do things better and turning those insights into products. That’s the leap in Creative Leap Technologies. This is an exceptional time. As innovation and human knowledge are expanding exponentially, there has never been a better time in history to find a better way…

If you have pain points in the areas of our current research projects or you see market opportunity, then think about joining us as early adopters or investors. Either way, we welcome you to become part of steering our innovative approaches to the following big data problems.


Internet of Things Efficiencies

With forecasts of billions of sensors in every possible venue, machine generated data will eclipse all other data many times over. With vast datasets being generated, latency or much greater cost will be the result in the data center. A better, more intelligent data pipeline is needed. Innovative customers need a cognitive, intuitive approach to getting the right data and making use of it sooner. We need the IoT to work like we do.


Cyber Infrastructure To Accelerate Data Driven Computational Research

Geo and life sciences data are literally piling up at commercial labs, universities and national labs. New more powerful instruments come online every year. Biology, genetics, weather, geo and astro physics – all aspects of life, geo and even intelligence research have become both large supercomputing problems AND big data problems at the same time. There are inherent bottlenecks to these two models working tightly together. Researchers need these two worlds to link tightly together at any scale.


Global Research Data Sharing

Knowledge is limited, sometimes because data just can’t get to where it’s needed with ease and in time. Cataloging and enabling efficient, economical sharing of the world’s research data sets will help tease out knowledge from data. We need to accelerate the pace of research by making datasets known and accessible.



There are more ideas and plans on the table, both big and small. Suffice it to say, Creative Leap Technologies has more to do than it can possibly leap over. We have a long future of technology innovation ahead.