At Creative Leap Technologies...

Creativity starts with the ability to see from a different point of view

Becomes effective when it’s combined with experience

Then is driven forward with passion and attention to detail to create breakthrough results

Creative Leap Technologies was founded with two missions, which drives everything we do

Innovate software solutions and IT appliances and bring them to market
Offer compelling consulting services to help companies break log jams and move forward quickly

Customer engagement drives us and influences everything we do, ensuring that our offerings are effective in especially valuable ways. We are passionate to always find a better way.

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Hi to all, I started blogging for the company before the website was up. I’ll…

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We leverage unique insights to build innovation into new products

  • Which make data useful in new ways
  • Which lower the cost of getting usable answers from data; especially important as the exponential growth of data is outpacing Moore’s Law
  • Which create new capabilities that advance the art of the possible.

Innovate With Us

We immerse ourselves in solving complex problems – your problems

  • Using our wide experience and good judgment that differentiates our holistic approach
  • Creating technical strategy that accelerates your business and builds leverage, not technical debt
  • Solving the most complex problems, especially those that stem from the tsunami of data now available to your enterprise

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An Expanding Team

We look at building the enterprise differently. In this century, successful organizations will not be built monolithically, creating offerings in isolation within their four walls. Successful organizations in the 21st century will collaborate extensively with each other. The most successful organizations will range farther and sew capabilities together faster than others. This brings new meaning to the word team.